Six Area’s Not to Overlook When Cleaning Your Office

There are some areas not to overlook when cleaning your office. A professional janitorial service company will tell you this when you hire them for your cleaning services. A clean office is a healthy office that makes a good impression to people who are coming to the office on a regular basis.

Getting your office cleaned by a reputable janitorial service will boost the overall health of your employees and guarantees a germ free environment.

If you want to make your office germ free, here are areas not to overlook when doing your office cleaning.

1. Carpets

You must not overlook your carpets with all of the foot traffic your office gets. Although a good vacuuming is okay for maintenance in between cleanings, but the truth is that a carpet cleaning service will actually remove the bacteria, dust, and stains from your dirty carpet fibers and will make your rugs appear sparklingly new again.

On the other hand, they will reach the underneath areas of your carpets, which always accommodate hidden dirt. It is essential to clean these areas thoroughly because dust and other contaminants can be trapped there, triggering asthma and allergies.

2. Ceiling Fixtures and Lights

Lights and ceiling fixtures can get dirty and must not be overlooked during office cleaning. Incorporate light and ceiling fixtures into your normal cleaning routine to avoid dirt from coating onto them.

3. The Back of Furniture and Upholstery

The less used or unused upholstery in your office may be gathering dust and germs. Moreover, people overlook cleaning of the cubicle partitions. Always clean the back of your office furniture and upholstery.

4. Ducts and Vents

Air conditions and fans are magnets for debris, dirt and dust. Therefore, vents, fan blades, and air ducts should be cleaned regularly to avoid mold and allergens that will affect the overall health of your employees.

5. The Underneath Office Chairs

The underneath of your office chairs are frequently forgotten during the office cleaning process, despite the fact that these are the major areas where dust and germ accumulate. Thorough office cleaning should be carried out to reach the underneath of your office chairs.

6. Blinds and Curtains

These are others areas trap for dust and dirt, but frequently overlooked. It is essential not to overlook blinds and curtains, even though cleaning them can be time consuming. However, a specialized janitorial office cleaning service can get the job done perfectly without wasting your time.

Wrap Up

There are many places normally overlooked during office cleaning, such as blinds and curtains, underneath office chairs, ducts and vents, the back of your furniture and upholstery, ceiling fixtures and lights as well as carpets. When you handle the cleaning needs of your office yourself, you will likely miss out these commonly overlooked areas. By hiring a commercial cleaner, no area of your office would be ignored.